Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today is the last day of school. Too much has happened and changed to write about it all, so I will just say what we are doing now.


Zak just finished 7th grade,gorgeous and lounging aboot. (did i mention we have canadian cousins?sometimes it shows, totally involuntary.)


Bella just finished 3rd grade. and she's a delight to my soul!


Riley just finished 2nd grade and he believes he has found just the right smile to accentuate all his magnificent facial features.... man, i dig this dude.


Blake just finished a sentence...literally, i was like "blakers, smile real quick so aunty jen can put a mansome(manly and handsome cleverly blended) picture of you on the computer" ... so he did. what can i say? with this ray of son-shine ,obedience is the order of the day.


Ava just finished pushing every button on and around the computer and shoving something shiny into the prinkler.(that's ava-ian for printer) and all i can do is laugh, i'd totally do most of the stuff she does, if i weren't all growed up. it's kinda like having a chubby fat roll on your knee, when you're a wee babe it's just darling and delightsome. when your 31..... not so much! anywhoo, she's a joy!


Summer just finished making her mommy fall even more deeply in love with her...were talkin, abyss, deep!

..... sooooo, i started this post like 3 months ago (and by "i started" i mean my dear jennifer love sweet sister dear, helped me put pictures on and then she went home... jerk! so here i am now, sept 10th with 7 minutes to spare. so i thought i'd use this precious time to release this little gem to the bloggy type worldy place. i'm going to attempt to post again soon...ish (no promises... i'm just keepin it real! typically, when i have a spare minute or 9, i snooze... i hope life is grand in all the land. AMEN


[AnnieR] said...

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Delicious. Every single one of them. I wish I saw them (and you) more often. booooo...

jayna said...

LOVE the update! Your sister is a genius for making you do one!

Ahem. Summer's face? I'd like to take a bite of her cheek.

As usual, your children are upping the quota of beautiful people in the world!

And Grace says to tell you- You have been banished from the willow land for willfully dispelling it's location.

Sara said...

Julie, have you ever heard me say 'aboot'? But it's nice to be remembered nevertheless.

I'm glad that you didn't give up on your blog and am really loving these kid pictures. What gorgeous people. Keep em coming!